Auditions for Mixed(er)

Mixed(er) is a new play in development, written by Sam Mercury & Alten Wilmot / incubated by MT Space.

Ethnocultural mandate & casting statement:  

This piece is being incubated through a mentorship with MT Space, and as such, will closely follow the values of the company. MT Space was founded to centralize marginalized and racialized voices, stories and artists.  Priority is given to artists based in Waterloo Region, identifying as IBR (Indigenous, Black, Racialized) artists of all abilities. We try to challenge colonial and institutional cultures of theatre-making in all our artistic decisions and invite members of our community to join us in creating a community of difference one project at a time. 

Casting info:  

We are looking to fill 5 roles for a workshop of a new play that is currently in development. All participants must be able to attend in person for the entire duration of the workshop, which will be located in Kitchener-Waterloo from May 2-13, with the exception of May 8. Participants must also be able to provide proof of vaccination and consent to daily rapid testing.   

Fee: $850 per week (2 weeks) 


When Sam, a biracial twenty-something, discovers that her parents have planned the surprise birthday party of her nightmares, she spirals into a full identity crisis and proceeds to do everything she can to keep her White friends and Black friend from coming together. 

Written by local emerging artists Sam Mercury and Alten Wilmot, mixed(er) is a farcical comedy that pokes at the racial coming of age that all mixed-race kids must overcome, while also highlighting a lived experience in a way that has never been done before. This will be a workshop production, culminating in a presentation to an invited audience on Friday, May 13. 


  • Rose: Sam’s mom. White woman in her 50’s-60’s. An otherwise smart woman who has a blind spot when it comes to her daughter. 
  • Kevin: Sam’s dad. Black man in his 50’s-60’s. Is normally a goofy dude, but is quick to drop it when matters get serious. 
  • Alexis: Sam’s childhood best friend. White. Mid-20’s. Very bubbly, a little naive, but it all comes from a place of love. This role is for any cis, trans, or non-binary actor who is comfortable with the role of a person with lived experiences of a woman. 
  • Amanda: Sam’s only Black friend. Mid-20’s. They met while Sam was away at school and bonded very quickly. Hip, funny, and fiercely loyal, she doesn’t know all that much about Sam’s home life, but wants to know more. 
  • Cameron: Sam’s White boyfriend. Mid-20’s. He and Sam have been dating for a few months now, but doesn’t know her family or friends at all. He’s kind and patient, knows he’s being held at arm’s length by Sam, but doesn’t know how to bring up the fact that he wants more from the relationship. 

Audition Guidelines: 

  • * Deadline: Friday, April 22nd, 5pm 
  • * Please submit a headshot and CV to with the subject heading “Mixed(er) Auditions”, along with a self-tape of yourself performing either a contemporary comedic monologue or scene with an off-camera reader that is 2 minutes max. Cold reads are acceptable. As well, please be sure to answer the following questions in your tape: 
  • Tell us a funny story from your life! 
  • What’s a piece of art that you are really enjoying lately and why? This can be a movie, TV show, book, graphic novel, manga, exhibit, song, installation, podcast, YouTube video—anything that you consider art! 

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