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Unfortunately, due to time restraints, Violence(s) has been cancelled. Please see https://mtspace.ca/impact19festival-updates/ for further details.

Update: Due to the generosity of the AMAL cast, Violence(s) will play instead of AMAL on Sunday, September 29th – 9:30PM.

Sep 29 at 9:30PM | Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

Instead of bringing hope, the Tunisian revolution generated new fears, anxieties, depression, and daily acts of despair and violence. So many suicides, self-immolations, and hangings have occurred since the revolution. Robberies, attacks, rapes, and homicides have increased exponentially. Is this a question of survival, annihilating oneself, or annihilating the other?

Sep 29 at 9:30PM – BUY TICKETS

Regular Tickets
$20 ($25 door)

Students & Seniors
$10 ($15 door)


Production Credits

Created by Jalila Baccar & Fadhel Jaïbi
Théâtre National Tunisien – Tunisia

Photo Credit: Aymen Bechrouch