TELL! Community Gathering

MT Space is so excited to bring TELL back as a regular, monthly event!

TELL is our casual, coffeehouse style event where we gather the community together, giving folks a platform to share something. These ‘sharings’ can be performances, stories, lectures, conversations, interviews– anything that benefits from being shared with a group! We invite you to use the night’s theme or current events as inspiration for your presentation, but it’s not a must!

TELL runs most months and may migrate to different venues, or shift day of the week to allow for maximum participation.

FEB 2024 / TELL! As Told By Gazans 

Join us at MT Space’s regular community gathering event to come together and share. 

This February 13th, join us for a special TELL! we are hosting in collaboration with Mada Theatre and the Palestinian Youth Movement. TELL! As Told By Gazans will feature readings from the Gaza Monologues.  

About The Gaza Monologues

Published in 2010 by ASHTAR Theatre, the Gaza Monologues speaks the words of thirty-three young people from Gaza, Palestine. Since October 2010 to date, more than 2,000 youth from around the globe in more than 80 cities in 40 countries have presented the monologues that are translated and presented into 18 languages. Gaza is still under siege – since 2006, and the occupation is more brutal than ever; attacking civilians, destroying the land and hindering the life of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. 

The Gaza Monologues will continue to be the voice of the unheard until justice prevails.”
Iman Aoun, Artistic Director, ASHTAR Theatre




ASHTAR Theatre performance of The Gaza Monologues at IMPACT’13 / MT Space Archives

In 2013, ASHTAR Theatre from Ramallah, Palestine came to IMPACT international theatre festival to perform The Gaza Monologues at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts in Kitchener. A collection of eight of the monologues were performed by four Palestinian youth. ASHTAR Theatre artistic director Iman Aoun was also a panelist on the IMPACT’13 industry conference – Staging Occupation: At the Crossroads of Multiculturalism and Indigeneity. Iman’s session spoke on the theme of Occupying Time, asking questions such as, “How do we use our art to ‘rewrite’ history, and illuminate different perspectives? How do we disrupt the category of the ‘historical?'” More than 10 years later, the youths’ monologues and conversation around occupation are still horrifically relevant, and must be witnessed by the public.


Health & Safety at Live Venues

**COVID19 Note: masks are not mandatory for this event, but are encouraged.**

Event Details

Tues, Feb 13, 2024 | 6:00pm – 8:00pm EST

First United Church – Hilliard Hall
16 William St W, Waterloo, ON N2L 1J3, Canada


Anyone is welcome to attend/present/perform.

Free > Register to Attend or Perform/Present

What does TELL! Feel Like? 

A look back at the first few TELL! Events of 2023.

April’s TELL! A beautiful & intimate evening

April’s TELL gave us a chance to share with old friends and meet new friends in our community.

We had a wonderful time with a couple of personal artistic readings and attendees spontaneously read the full script of MT Space’s relationship comedy, Body 13!  

TELL! World Theatre Day

This special TELL event was in celebration of World Theatre Day and women in the arts. 
We gathered in St. Jacobs at Neruda Arts bright and beautiful studio! 
Lily Gyamfi-Kumanini did an incredible job hosting the event, along our Nada Abusaleh. 

ValenTELL! Celebrating Friendship

This ValenTELL! was the perfect excuse to have friendship as our honored guest! 
We shared stories, poems, exciting news and more in a beautiful night at the Registry Theatre. 

Can you TELL!? It was such an amazing night!

This TELL! was very special for us, we had our volunteer appreciation night just before the presentation! 

Together with The Registry Theatre we welcomed Throwdown Collective as part of the ‘Dance at the Registry’ Workshop Series. 

As part of MT Space’s mandate for community-building, we invited a few of our associate artists to participate in this workshop with Throwdown Collective, The Dance Residency started January 3rd—the end of workshop presentation initiated this night’s TELL!.

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