Mobs (or Exercises in Citizenship)

Winner of the title prize at the inaugural International Ezzeddine Gannoun Festival for Theatre in Tunis  

Home is my mother. Home is my father. Our slogan is patriotism. We die for the sake of our land. But is it our land anymore? Who are we living and dying for? And what does it mean to be a citizen, really? 

Following a national uprising that led to the dismantling of one system and the establishment of another in Tunisia, Mobs (or Exercises in Citizenship) analyzes the friction between honouring and respecting homeland and participating in society as an upstanding citizen. 

About the Creator 

Imed May is the author of several dramatic works including Barshman, Al – Rahut, les sans-visages, and Mobs (or Exercises in Citizenship). The latter was presented at various festivals, notably the 10th session of the Arab Theater Festival and the 19th session of the Carthage Theater Days in Tunisia where it won the Najeeba AlHamrouni Prize. His complete works were also awarded in Jordan at the 25th session of the Journées du Théâtre. Currently, Imed May is working as a teacher of educational theatre. Holder of a doctorate, he also conducts research in philosophy and theatre.  

Special Thanks & Acknowledgement 


Ministry of Culture, Republic of Tunisia 

Show Credits 

Written & Directed by: Imed May 

Co-Director: Ghassen Elghadhab 


Walid Ben Abdesslam 

Abdelkader Ben Said 

Ali Ben Said 

Ghassen Elghadhab 

Mouna Talmoudi 

Emna Kouki 

Production Manager: Mohamed Sassi Ghorbeli 

Costume: Abdesslam Djemal 

Lighting: Touti 

Music & Sound: Zein Abdelkafi 

Lutist: Chiheb Eddine Ezzehi 

Vocalist: Ali Ben Said 

Masks: Moheddine Ben Abdallah 

Set: Mahdi Elkafi 

Photography & Design: Rock Raven