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About MT Space & IMPACT 23

Staff, Technicians, Board, Volunteers & Thank Yous

Everyone who made IMPACT happen in 2023.


Founded in 2004, MT Space is dedicated to theatre that centralizes marginalized voices to address social issues and constitute a vibrant intercultural community.

IMPACT (International Multicultural Platform for Alternative Contemporary Theatre) is a biennial celebration organized by MT Space in Ontario’s Waterloo Region. IMPACT is focused on Indigenous and culturally diverse work from Turtle Island and around the world, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary, intercultural, and physical productions. IMPACT presents some of the finest local, national, and international work.

It provides a unique platform to engage, play, and rejuvenate with hundreds of artists and thousands of visitors from across Canada and beyond.

MT Space is a Registered Charity: 862192291RR0001






Managing Artistic Director Pam Patel

Company Manager Bó Bárdos

Apprentice General Manager Hiyam Mahrat

Associate Producer Yazan Maarouf

Public Outreach & Development

Coordinator Carlos Parada

Apprentice Artistic Director Nada AbuSaleh


Production Manager Cameron Slipp

Box Office Manager Maria Kouznetsova

Photographer Andy Wright

Logistics Coordinator Brooke Barnes

Production Assistant Freddy Van Camp

Marketing Assistant Elsa Haroon


Bookkeeper Suzanne Langdon

Creative Services & Graphic Design Nichol Comyn

Thank Yous

Jenna Winter, Viktorija Kovač,
G & G Carpentry, WLU Indigenous
Student Centre, Theatre & Performance
Program at the University of Waterloo,

The Water Depot, Janelle Rainville,
Emily Robson, Karoline Varin,
Julie Marshall, Steve Roth,
Kristy Skelton, Patti Flather, Brian Kelly,
Gaya Bin Noon, Luke Swinson,
May Mahrat, 
Robert Azevedo,
Raina Schumacher, Colin Umbach,
Taras Rudyi, Sharanya Karkera,
Amy Balatoni, Mary Saleh

Majdi Bou-Matar
Memorial Committee

Isabel Cisterna, Cyrine Gannoun,
Patti Flather, Ric Knowles,
Tawiah M’Carthy, Bó Bárdos

IMPACT Technical Team

James Agathos, Leelind Keary,
Nadia Ursacki, Rafik Alsamkary,
Elias Dekoter, Shannon Lee,
Monica Durlak, Lilian Adom


Big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who make everything possible, you know who you are!

MT Space
Board of Directors 2023-24

Chair David Morneau
Treasurer Joan Chandra
Secretary Fitsum Areguy
Director Fawaz Almassri
Director Fanny Villarte-Croce



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