IMPACT 21 – Venues & Maps


City Hall – William St Parking Lot | (FILM-W)   

Shows: International films – Fuego Rojo, Mobs, The Weekend   

Closest Intersection is Regina St S and William St E in Waterloo, across William from Waterloo City Hall at 100 Regina St South 

Map of IMPACT 21 venue in Waterloo, Ontario



Victoria Park Main Tent, Kitchener | (PARK-K)   

Shows: A Seat at the Table, Black Flags, Omi Mouna, Trace   

Closest Intersection is Jubilee Drive and David Street / Across Jubilee Drive from Victoria Park Lake, the main tent will be towards the parking lot off of Jubilee – near the public washrooms, in the same field as the Kitchener Clock Tower.   


Kitchener Gaol Yard | (GAOL-K)   

Shows: I Don’t Know, NAC ‘FREE REIN’ Dance Residency, Stretch Marks   

Closest Intersections are Queen St N / Frederick St and Weber St E Access from both Queen and Frederick  


Schneider Haus, Kitchener | (HAUS-K)   

Show: The Bell (IN-PERSON ONLY!)   

466 Queen St S, Kitchener  


Vogelsang Green, Kitchener | (VOGEL-K)   

Show: Asphalt Jungle Shorts – Starting point (IN-PERSON ONLY!)   

Green Space at Intersection of Queen St N and Duke St E   

SPECIAL NOTE: Asphalt Jungle Shorts, a collection of short plays, involves walking from play to play and standing while the shows play out in the concrete jungle of downtown Kitchener – wear appropriate footwear and gauge your own level of comfort and fitness for this show. Approx. 45 mins runtime.  


Kitchener Market Piazza | (BAR-K)   

‘FACE to FACE’ Festival Bar    

300 King St E, Kitchener   

Map of IMPACT 21 venues in Kitchener, Ontario



Shows: DiSCoVeR, #HowDoWeBeginAgain Conference, This is Not a Conversation, The Last Poet   

SPECIAL NOTE Most in-person venues are outdoors, with some open air for the audience (except Victoria Park) – Please dress accordingly, and abide by weather advisories and public health guidelines.

Distance between IMPACT venues on foot

Distance (Time) Schneider Haus Victoria Park Kitchener Market Gaol Yard Vogelsang Green
Victoria Park 450m (6min)
Kitchener Market 1.2km (15min) 1.3km (16min)
Gaol Yard 1.2km (15min) 1.2km (15min) 600m (8min)
Vogelsang Green 1km (14min) 900m (12min) 600m (8min) 250m (3min)
William St Lot 3.5km (45min) 3.3km (41min) 3.7km (47min) 3.2km (41min) 3.2km (41min)

 **All distances and times are taken from Google Maps and may not reflect your walking speed

Light Rail Transit Information

Closest Stops
Venue Southbound Northbound
Schneider Haus Queen Frederick Station
Victoria Park Victoria Park Station Kitchener City Hall Station
Kitchener Market Kitchener Market Station Kitchener Market Station
Gaol Yard Queen Frederick Station
Vogelsang Green Queen Kitchener City Hall Station
William St Lot Willis Way Station Allen
  • “Northbound” means travelling from Cambridge towards Waterloo
  • “Southbound” means travelling from Waterloo towards Cambridge
  • LRT frequency: every 10-30min depending on time of day
  • See or @grt_row on Twitter for travel alerts related to the LRT and local bus routes, as well as for LRT arrival times
  • Fare: $3.25
    • Paying with Cash or Credit: To pay for a single trip, you can purchase a ticket/transfer from the fare vending machine located at the station.
    • A ticket/transfer is good for unlimited rides on the train and buses within 90 minutes from the time it was issued. Scan it on the fare vending machine or the platform card reader before boarding.
    • If you plan to ride several times, you can purchase a reloadable EasyGO fare card or a multi-ride card from the fare vending machine.
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