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MT Space is a not-for-profit organization which has thrived due to the collective dream of community builders in Kitchener-Waterloo and the broader Waterloo Region — has been successful because of the support of donors like you.

Drawing upon the wealth of multicultural identities living in the region, MT Space nurtures activity between performance artists of many disciplines, cultural orientations, and spaces of practice .

Through theatre, various traditions and cultural orientations meet in a space of formal innovation, to initiate new signs of identity and forms of theatrical expression, in the act of defining community itself.

Please consider donating on a recurring basis – knowing that we have smaller but regular support helps us to plan and deliver programming to our full potential and capacity.

CanadaHelps makes donating once or on a recurring basis easy – you can donate as a private individual or a business, have the choice to keep your generous giving anonymous and have the option of putting your gift towards specific funds – such as supporting the IMPACT Theatre Festival.

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We’re happy to announce that MT Space is now a partner of ChangeIt®; a new way to donate while making everyday purchases using your existing BMO® and RBC® Credit Cards or select Credit Union Debit Cards*. ChangeIt lets you automatically round up your purchases and donate the difference to us!

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Donating to MT Space — What you are supporting

There are many benefits of giving to MT Space.

Donate to the MT Space and you:

Build community

Show your pride in the culturally-diverse population of Waterloo Region, extend community relations and quality of life via arts and intercultural exchange.

Produce theatre

Enthusiastically support local theatre practitioners and their creations, enabling our ensemble and individual artists’ explorations of theatre and high-calibre experimental and interdisciplinary art.

Transport stories that move

Feed and fuel the global sharing of unique voices and stories from our creative and innovative community in places near and far.

Collaborate across borders & oceans

Champion exchange with contemporary artists near and far – from Whitehorse to Brussels, Carthage to Damascus, Beijing to Victoria – you put MT Space on the map.

Get into the festival spirit

Strengthen the architecture of one of Canada’s most progressive, risk-taking, multicultural, international theatre festivals – IMPACT – that brings theatre from across Canada and around the world.

Put the Pro in Professional

Reinforce the pursuit of excellence by creating professional development and “open-source” public learning opportunities with top-class masters of theatre from Tokyo to Toronto and everywhere in between.

Fun and fund the future

Indulge in hope by assisting up-and-coming immigrant, multilingual and indigenous youth explore their dreams – and develop as future leaders, artists and storytellers.

Social change

Breathe life into important socio-political research and promote bountiful relationships between academia and community service providers.

Accessibility for all

Equalize the inequalities in the world – your support allows us to continue to offer a range of free, pay-what-you-can, and affordable access to world class arts & culture.

Push us to exceed our goals

Help support a vibrant, robust local not-for-profit arts organization in its continued ambitious and fearless growth.

Everything helps

Donor support of the MT Space has made the company what it is today – your significant and appreciated one-time or ongoing support is the only way this breadth of programming and services will continue in future years.

There are many ways to give to the MT Space – money, time and materials all keep us going.

Donating to MT Space — Benefits of being a donor

We’ve run, co-run and intrinsically supported several crowdfunding campaigns in the last few years, including: We Are Culture in 2013 with visionary Neruda Arts to augment IMPACT 13 with 7 fantastic weeks of intimate music and theatre experiences PLUS the inaugural, ground-shaking Kultrún Festival; and Make IMPACT Happen in 2015 to support IMPACT 15 and its commitment to bringing challenging, engaging contemporary performances to Waterloo Region, as well as lay the foundation for the IMPACT Stage&Story Market and whoa, did you ever make IMPACT happen! (You exceeded our funding goal and expectations!)

Perks, Benefits, Unforgettable Experiences

One of the best parts of interacting with our crowdfunding donors (for us, at least) is being able to give back perks. Even before these campaigns we’ve been giving bonus stuff: MT Space and IMPACT swag packages, goods and services from local businesses, swanky receptions, invite-only authentic middle-eastern banquets, puppets and visual art, theatre classes, one-on-one artist encounters and more.

Every year, every season, every ramp-up to IMPACT we have a different selection of perks. We will be updating our perks for our coming season soon.