“We believe that all children have a right to access and engage with the performing arts – even online!”  

DiSCoVeR is an experimental theatre project, specially designed for a very young audience (children 1-6 years). Theatrical performance offers an extraordinary experience for a young child to have fun, while it sparks fresh neural connections that stimulate the child’s creative thinking. It inspires parents and caregivers to be playful (and re-discover the world through the child’s eyes). These performances allow both the child and the adult to enjoy DiSCoVeR together, and to bond within the shared experience.  

At IMPACT21, there are six opportunities to experience our workshop presentations live, safely over a closed Zoom meeting (without any streaming to other platforms) and from the comfort of your own home. Each performance will be curated to a more specialized audience age range (15+ months old, ages 2-4 years, ages 3-6 years), as indicated in the festival schedule and program.   

Caregivers have the freedom to choose their child’s adventure and are more than welcome to experience all the presentations – especially if older siblings are tuning in, too.  

Supported by Ontario Arts Council, Waterloo Region Micro Grants, and Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, this project has been developed during a 2020/2021 artistic residency at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener. 

About the Company 

Cosmic Fishing Theatre (@cosmicfishing) is a project-based theatre collective founded in 2015 and based in Waterloo Region, Ontario. We employ and collaborate with culturally diverse, next generation, and regional artists just like MT Space, the original multicultural performing arts leader of Waterloo Region. Viktorija Kovac is a theatre director, puppeteer, artistic producer, and the founding Artistic Director of Cosmic Fishing Theatre. Nada Abusaleh is a new generation actor, creator and artistic producer who officially joined Cosmic Fishing Theatre in 2018 as an artistic lead, after her performance and co-creation work on The B Party project, which was presented at The Registry Theatre as part of an artistic residency for their 2017/2018 season.  

The name of the collective, Cosmic Fishing, is our metaphor for intuition as a source of creative knowledge. Our mission is to amplify women’s artistic voices in experimental theatre. Cosmic Fishing Theatre divides its creative work between innovative adaptations of plays with established production histories and creating exciting original performances and events. We view adaptation and reinterpretation as crucial to the director-creator’s craft, specifically for women and immigrants. We continue to build theatre projects for the small urban area of Waterloo Region because it has a growing population, lots of immigrants, and emerging artists.  

Special Thanks & Acknowledgement 

THEMUSEUM, The Registry TheatreWeeFestival, Crane Creations Theatre Company and Bridges Festival, Puppetmongers Theatre, Inter Arts Matrix, Pat the Dog and MT Space