Asphalt Jungle Shorts

“The line between reality and theatre is blurred. It’s kinda like a glimpse into humanity.”  


Site-specific theatre in downtown Kitchener, where at the intersection of Theatre & Reality, the cityscape becomes the stage, the lights and sound are organic and the lines between what is real and what is fantasy are blurred. 

About the Company 

Flush Ink Productions is a performing theatre company specializing in Site-Specific Theatre. Flush Ink Productions has been challenging the boundaries of traditional theatre since 2006. 

It was incorporated in 2008 and in the meantime, has established four unique projects: She Speaks, women’s work, women’s words; Unhinged, Kitchener’s Festival of Disturbing Theatre including Write or Flight playwriting challenge; Urban Scrawlers playwright’s collective; and its signature event, Asphalt Jungle Shorts. 

Asphalt Jungle Shorts―at the intersection of Theatre & Reality―challenges the perceptions of traditional theatre by taking it out of the theatre. UnHinged, Flush Ink Productions’ Festival of Disturbing Theatre, challenges the audience emotionally with theatre that is dark and disturbing. She Speaks, coinciding with International Women’s Day, challenges the world of theatre to produce more work by women. Urban Scrawlers Playwright’s Collective challenges the playwrights in the community to write, present, rewrite, hone and get to stage the story burning in their belly.  

Show Credits 

Directed by: Paddy Gillard-Bentley, Robin Bennett & Tracey Kenyon 


Nike Abbott 

Liz Dennis 

Kendalin Bishop 

Joshua Bosworth 


Deb Huggins 

Katharine Mills 

D Morton 

Emily Raechele Lovell 

Mason Micevski 

Brian Otto