19/20 Season | Sneak Peek

MT Space is currently in the process of wrapping up our 6th biennial IMPACT Festival. We are also preparing for our busy and exciting 19/20 season!

Marketing Coordinator Alan Li had the opportunity to sit down with MT Space Artistic Director Pam Patel for a sneak peek of our upcoming work.

Here are 5 events we’re excited for!


We’re Touring!

On October 16th, 2019, the cast of #AMALmtspace travels to Montreal. They will perform at Nord Sud Arts’ Festival Altérité PAS À PAS, alongside #IMPACT19Festival artists Yaser Khaseb (Iran) and Wilson Pico (Ecuador).

The cast of The Last 15 Seconds receives the SITFY Award for Best Performance on behalf of Canada.

We are also preparing a spring tour of Amal and The Last 15 Seconds. We have received invitations to perform at the Performing Tangier Festival and Conference in Morrocco and BIPOD Festival in Lebanon.

We presented Maqamat Dance Theatre, organizers of the BIPOD Festival, at a past IMPACT Festival.


Newcomer Youth Theatre Project

Near the end of October, MT Space will once again partner with YMCA Immigrant Services to run the Newcomer Youth Project.

MT Space Artistic Associates work with immigrant and refugee youth from high schools in Waterloo Region, to help newcomer youth build self-confidence and community through the performing arts. 

MT Space’s 2017 Young Company participants warm-up [CREDITS: Carolina Miranda]

The Newcomer Youth Project culminates in a public performance.

The Newcomer Youth Project also runs in the winter semester. Additionally, a one-week intensive camp is scheduled for March Break.


Dance at the Registry Workshops

At the start of every New Year, Dance @ The Registry presents a world-class Canadian dance troupe. MT Space partners with this troupe to organize workshops for artists in Waterloo Region.

Alyssa Martin leads a workshop for Props, Karaoke, + a Rave at The Registry Theatre [CREDITS: Alan Li]

Last year, MT Space presented Props, Karaoke, + a Rave, a three-part improvisation workshop led by Rock Bottom Movement choreographer Alyssa Martin.


The X Page: A Storytelling Workshop

MT Space provides mentorship and support for The X Page: A Storytelling Workshop. Formerly known as The Shoe Project, X Page Workshop invites refugee and immigrant women of Waterloo Region to voice their stories on paper and stage.

The X Page Workshop will culminate in an end-of-semester performance.

MT Space Artistic Director Pam Patel leads a group of enraptured X Page Workshop participants [CREDITS: Alan Li]


A New MT Space Production?

In the upcoming 20/21 season, MT Space founder Majdi Bou-Matar and Artistic Director Pam Patel will begin the creation process for a new production. Rumours say it will be a sequel to our milestone production, The Last 15 Seconds.

Still from a performance of The Last 15 Seconds in Cairo, Egypt [CREDITS: Youssef SaaQr]