• Blowing Zen 18.2.2005

    Join the MT Space for an intimate evening of traditional and contemporary Japanese bamboo flute music (shakuhachi) that will transcend the listener beyond the mortal plain and surmount the pressures of every day life. Come and celebrate music from the other side of the world with master flutist Bonchiku Hoshi and meditate on the profound dichotomy of yin and yang while allowing this emotional piece to transport you to an otherworldly place.

  • Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fundraiser 21.1.2005

    On Friday, January 21, 2005, The MT Space hosted a variety show to raise money for the Red Cross Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

    Emcee Jasminka Klacar began the evening with a moment of silence to honour those affected by the tragedy, then each act began with a short presentation on one of the areas affected: India by Sunanda Sachdev, of the K-W YMCA's Immigrant Settlement Program and one of the organizers of the evening; and Sri Lanka by Bala Thambypillai.