How Do We Begin Again? 

What if we brought everything back to relationship, and stripped away titles but respected and honoured lived experiences―in ourselves and in each other? What if we could forge connections not out of necessity, but to truly understand one another and build a bridge? 

This year’s IMPACT Co-Instigators are devising an experiment to explore these concepts during the festival. Industry professionals from a range of perspectives will be invited to participate in an exchange that will involve documenting the journey of a relationship stripped of titles, centering lived experiences, and bridging gaps of awareness. We invite you to join us as a witness, as an Instigator, or as someone looking to shift the sector one person at a time. 

Check back soon for updates on our conference schedule. 

IMPACT 21 Co-Instigators

Denise Bolduc 

Glodeane Brown 

Margo Kane 

Kevin Ormsby 

Lily Shearer 

Charles C Smith 

Sarah Nairne 

Pam Patel 

Special Thanks & Acknowledgement 

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada 

Ric Knowles