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MT Space Productions

MT Space was founded upon our unique process of creation, bringing together differently cultured bodies and perspectives into a studio to collide and intersect, facilitating a space for cross-cultural dialogue. Our work reflects on our changing world and the communities that surround us, always tackling relevant social and political subject matter. This unique process of creation also holds an open door policy where our colleagues, patrons, donors, and supporters are welcome to attend our rehearsals unannounced with the obligation that they must give feedback on what they experience. It is through this creation process that we engage our communities in developing pieces that address urgent and contemporary issues.

By using contemporary and experimental methods, maintaining a focus on physically oriented creations, combining different disciplines and styles, and using diverse cultural and theatrical practices, MT Space is contributing to the development of a new and innovative Canadian theatre. We believe that in order for Canadian theatre to develop new and organic forms of its own, we have to look seriously at contemporary, intercultural, and interdisciplinary themes, tools, and vocabulary. By creating this platform for racialized and marginalized artists to present their work and engage in dialogue, we are also further elevating the voices of BIPOC artists across the country so that our narratives become centralized and heard.


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