Remembering the Farewells @ Kultrún

“Barrios has a purposeful intensity to her dancing. Every movement is defined and placed with intention. These sharp actions make you admire the complex design and mobility of the human form….. Remembering the Farewells is a delightful performance that allows the audience to explore a journey through life. You may find that you also rediscover your own life’s adventures along the way.”

~ Remembering the Farewells. by Chandel Gambles. 2012. Mooney on Theatre Fringe Review.


Olga Barrios created Remembering the Farewells in New York around 2002 when she almost stopped dancing due to a severe knee injury. She was forced to ask herself—“what if I cannot dance anymore?”

So she started choreographing in diverse ways: on a rolling chair, sitting-dancing, hand-dancing ... until she was able to get up and dance again. 

Barrios has recreated many farewells—strongly connected with leaving her country of origin—memories from childhood, family, places, loved ones, friends, celebrations. It is inspired by femininity and fragility as well as by the strength that imprints the acts of many women.

Olga has continued to dance. Farewells was remounted at the Toronto Fringe (2012) and now at Neruda Arts’ Kultrún World Music Festival in 2015, come embrace and share this stimulating, dramatic, strong solo work with intense contrasts in movement, musical and theatrical play.