This is My Drum

This is My Drum

Storytelling, poetry, and song merge in an intimate portrayal of family, bloodlines, and relationship to the land in This is My Drum a one woman show by local actor and playwright Heather Majaury.

Drawing from the playwright/performer’s family oral history, Majaury unfolds the story of an original nation hidden in plain sight throughout the watershed of the Ottawa Valley while tackling contemporary issues of identity politics, the status of women, and land claims. Reflecting upon real life events, she constructs the female body as drum in a bio-myth that contemplates the journey toward full voice inside post-modern realities shaped by ongoing and silencing colonial forces.  

Often humorous and at times penetratingly dramatic Majaury, a mixed blood non-status Indian, who herself is currently enrolled in a land claim negotiation process in her home territory, reflects upon this current state of affairs through humour, projected media, and song, while considering the Anishinaabeg prophecies of re-emergence that shape choices and hopes in the here and now.



Playwright & Performer Heather Majaury
Director & Dramaturge Lisa O’Connell


Cultural Consultant Christine Lefebvre 
Sound Desgner Victoria Fenner
Show Designer Andy Moro
Videographer & Still Photography Mark Walton