Métis Mutt

Métis Mutt recounts the story of Sheldon’s coming of age under extremely difficult family and cultural circumstances.

The play is told through a variety of media: stand-up (Sheldon has already had the beginnings of a successful career as a comic), original songs, storytelling and brilliant multi-character vignette acting in which Elter leaps from character to character with blinding speed and dead-on observation.

The play works on many levels. It challenges us about the stereotypes that we find funny, it re-enacts shocking levels of violence and recounts amazing incidents of traditional healing practice. But the show is no dry pre-digested history lesson, nor is it a plea for your understanding. What it is is funny, touching, compelling theatre that will force any audience to let go of their preconceptions.

Métis Mutt will entertain you, shake you up, make you laugh out loud and will make you weep.

Production Credits

Written and Performed by Sheldon Elter
Dramaturgy by Kenneth Brown