El Refugio de Freidel | Freidel’s Refuge

Written and Created by Liliana Suárez Henao and Beatriz Pizano
Directed by Beatriz Pizano

Produced in Association with Aluna Theatre and the support of the Canada Council for the Arts

Performer: Liliana Suárez Henao
Director:  Beatriz Pizano
Producer/Stage Manager: Adriana Rosselli Londoño
Designer:  Trevor Schwellnus
English Translation: Carlos González-Vio

A poetic account of the forced exile and refugee experience of a Colombian actor now living in Canada.

More than one woman’s story, El Refugio de Freidel | Freidel’s Refuge is an account of an artist’s journey and her craft. It is socially engaged, daring and deeply profound.  It gives the typical immigration tale a real spin and challenges us to see our immigrant and refugee population in a new light.  Most of all, it is about turning a difficult experience into a positive outcome, and of respecting the many things we need to do in order to survive; and in doing so, discovering and conquering new lands within ourselves.

in Spanish with English surtitles


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