Dance Interludes

MT Space is thrilled to bring back Vanguardia Dance as part of this year’s Kultrun Festival hosted by Neruda Arts. After the success of last year’s performance, Remembering the Farewells, which was performed for one night in Victoria Park, we decided to bring back the company and commission them to create a new work specifically for Kultrun 2016!

Dance Interludes is a series of four original dance pieces performed amongst the audience in Victoria Park during Neruda Arts’ Kultrun Festival of World Music. These interventions are based in various cultural dance forms including Colombian folk dance, hip hop and breakdancing (which are popular urbanized dance forms in Colombia), and contemporary and modern dance. The two dancers, Olga Barrios and John Henry Gerena, will be present amongst the audience in between their short performances to interact with spectators and engage in conversations about their work.

Join us for this exciting experience and stick around for some great food and music too!

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Dance Interludes by Vanguardia Dance in association with MT Space
Kultrun Festival of World Music, Victoria Park
July 9th – 10th, 2016 / all day