Agokwe explores unrequited love between teenage boys from neighboring reserves. Mike is a hockey player and Jake is a traditional dancer.

The boys notice each other at the Kenora Shoppers Mall and ultimately connect through a mutual love of movement while Mike is skating and Jake is dancing “like grass blowing in the wind.” They meet briefly at a post hockey-tournament party where they bashfully confess their desire for each other.

However – youth, distance and isolation strive to pull the threads apart when tragedy intervenes. AGOKWE speaks to bullying, homophobia, unrequited love, social isolation and the lost traditions of the Anishnaabe.

Production Credits

The Agokwe Collective: Waawaate FobisterEd Roy and Ryan Cunningham

Written and Performed by Waawaate Fobister
Directed by Ed Roy
Original Music by Marc Merilainen
Lighting Designer Kimberly Purtell
Set and Projection Designer Andy Moro
Costume Designer Erika Iserhoff
Sound Designer Lyon Smith
Stage Manager Tracy Lynn Cann