We Are CULTURE Indiegogo Campaign UPDATE

First a HUGE THANK YOU to our 66 funders thus far! You have helped us raise 48% of our goal in just 2 weeks! That’s brilliant! We still have a long way to go so please continue to the spread the word, the cause and the LOVE!

IMPACT 13 was an incredible community building success!

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What to expect next?

From Thursday, October 10 - Saturday, October 12th, HUFF opens the We Are Culture Theatre Series. This solo performance is First Nations mythic storytelling with dark humour and vivid imagery.

"It reaches inside and grabs you so hard that you forget it's make-believe. It makes you rethink what you thought you knew. It leaves you transformed.”

~ CBC (Chandra Mayor)


We have an EXCLUSIVE NEW perk for the NEXT 15 people who donate $250!

An exclusive signed CD by Lebanese DIVA artist HANINE and her Cuban band Y Son Cubano! SO exciting!

Last Words..

Once again we want to thank you and look forward to updating you often. Please feel free to contact us anytime, with feedback or anything you would like to share.

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the We Are Culture Team