Performance | Three-Legged Horse


London Fringe Festival / 2005

Show Times

Saturday, July 30 - 12:30pm / Sunday, July 31 - 9:15pm
Tuesday, August 2 - 4:00pm / Thursday, August 4 - 8:30pm
Friday, August 5 - 5:30pm / Saturday, August 6 - 6:15pm


Spriet Family Theatre


$8 | Tickets are avaliable at the door, one half hour before the show starts. No one will be seated after the doors close. Running Time: 1 hour.

Three-Legged Horse examines the final years of Russia 's most prolific ballet dancer of the early twentieth century; Vaslav Nijinsky. Watch as Nijinsky falls from celebrity into schizophrenic self-professed martyrdom. Experience his struggle to preserve his identity amidst a clamorous public demanding for the return of "the god of the dance."

Three-Legged Horse is the culmination of three rounds of theatre workshops since July of 2004 and is The MT Space's first offering to the community of original work.