MT Space Silent Player Award

This biennial award, sponsored by Tottering Biped Theatre, will be given during the IMPACT festival to partners, friends and supporters of theatre artists in Waterloo Region.

The award is designed to acknowledge the tremendous and often publicly unrecognized contributions that partners, friends, and supporters of artists make to artists, festivals, and the community as a whole.

These thousands of hours - spanning volunteerism, emotional support, financial support, philanthropy, and every possible shade and hue of love - make possible the quality of theatre we know at the IMPACT festival, across Waterloo Region, and in the world.

If you are a theatre artist and live in the Waterloo Region and would like to nominate your silent player, please send us a nomination letter that includes your name, your nominees name, and why you think they should be recognized. Theatre artists may include actors, technicians, musicians, artists, and others associated with theatre and performing arts.

We may ask for a follow up interview to discuss the nomination with the nominator. The actual award will vary from recipient to recipient, and so we ask for the nominator to suggest a specific award for their nominee (up to a $100 value).

Send your nomination to before September 21st.