Hate Crime in Canada

Public Performance

The MT Space cordially invites you and your friends to attend the free public preview of our theatre piece about hate crime in Canada.

Date & Time:

June 6, 2008 | 5-6pm


The MT Space / Studio 20 | 141 Whitney Place | Kitchener, ON

Note: This event is open and free to the public as part of the OAC's spOtlight: Celebrate Our Artists festival.

About the performance:

In partnership with the Centre for Community Based Research, The MT Space (as part of our Theatre For Social Change program) will be previewing a 15-min theatre piece about Hate Crime in Canada. The preview will be followed by a 45 min open discussion session around the topic. This play is based on the observations and stories of members from the Somali-Muslim Community in Toronto.

Toronto's black and Muslim communities are among the most victimized groups (Toronto Police Service Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report, 2006). Included in these alarming statistics are only the Somali Muslim individuals who have reported crimes. Still, in our community, many hate incidents go undocumented and unaddressed because victims are often reluctant to talk with police, and too often, Somali Canadians are lacking in knowledge about Canadian laws, and about victim services.

This project has been commissioned and will be presented as part of the Somali Muslim Hate Crime Summit to be held on July 12, 2008.

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