Heather Majaury

Waterloo Region, Canada

Heather is an artist of mixed heritage—of Canadian Settler and Aboriginal Ancestry who grew up in the traditional home territory of the Algonquin Nation. She is part of a nation that never signed a treaty with Canada, and she descends from Algonquin people that were never registered under Canada's Indian Act.  The Algonquin Nation at this time is negotiating the only comprehensive land claim east of the Rocky Mountains which includes the Land where Parliament Hill resides.

Heather is also a single mother who has lived most of her adult life outside of the Ottawa Valley but did return home for a short time to work on treaty negotiations while raising her daughter. Heather is an actor/director/spoken word artist/singer who has spent most of her adult career life working in alternative media and socially conscious theatre. She is currently an artistic associate of the MT Space where she is the Producer of the IMPACT Theatre Festival as well as a performer this year. She is returning to school this fall to achieve a Masters in Theatre from the University of Guelph.