IMPACT Staff Profiles: Amanda Lowry


For our second blog profile series, we sat down with IMPACT15’s Festival Producer, Amanda Lowry, and got a peek at the festival through her eyes!

IMPACT Staff Profiles: Pam Patel


Last week, we sat down with MT Space Associate Artistic Director, Pam Patel, to kick off our blog profile series. We want this series to shed light on behind-the-scenes details and showcase the amazing folks who bring IMPACT to our community every year.

Unstoppable Motion: Remembering the Farewells


Yesterday we spoke to Olga Barrios about her contemporary dance piece, Read more...

Asphalt Jungle Shorts: as local as local gets



 Asphalt Jungle Shorts is as local as you can get when it comes to theatre here in KW, theatre in which Flush Ink Productions turns downtown Kitchener into its own vast stage.


IMPACT 13 Programming Revealed & Partnership Announcement


Early Wednesday morning (July 3rd, 2013) programming details for the IMPACT 13 theatre festival (Sept. 24-29) were revealed.

Prog-Metal Rocker Dabbles in Dostoevski


Whether it’s discussing magic mushrooms in a rock star interview on Much Music  or busking for change with a string bass in downtown Toronto, Arif Mirabdolbaghi’s pursuit of art takes him diverse places. His dabbling in Dostoevski brings him to KW April 11.

Café Daughter Inspired by Life of Canadian Neuroscientist


The story of Cafe Daughter is all the more arresting because it’s based on real life, the life of Senator Lillian E, Dyck, a Canadian neuroscientist who grew up in her dad’s 1950s rural Saskatchewan cafe. She was a Chinese-Cree kid conscribed by legally-enforced racism on all sides.

Divided on Body 13?


Body 13 director Majdi Bou-Matar was delighted by the critical response for the play in Toronto this month, and more than just a little surprised. Good? The reviews were outstanding.

Intelligent, exciting, gorgeous, unmissable, and “almost certain to fill you with joy,” were some of the superlatives. You can read them all right here.

Live Soundscape Big Part of Body 13


The rehearsal space fills with bodies after a lunch break as percussionist Germaine Liu experiments with ethereal sounds. With a knitting needle against the skin of her snare drum, she’s teasing out soft groans, filling the small space with emptiness.

Germaine is one of three musicians, along with KW-born Toronto composer Nick Storring and improvisational guitar guru Colin Fisher, who bring a world of sound to Body 13. The trio adds an atmosphere and urgency to the production that are just as integral as the action on stage.