Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams is a graduate of the Environmental Studies program at the University of Waterloo. She has a passion for consciously creating spaces with others that inspire our learning together through awareness and dialogue. She has been facilitating and performing dance and theatre for over 16 years.

Tanya draws on her experience in physical theatre, forum and environmental theatre, movement and sound improvisation, choreography, modern dance, aikido, contact improvisation and Alexander Technique. Her adventures have found her creating environmental dance film on the shores of Ireland and in the canyons of Utah, facilitating theatre workshops with women in Guyana, South America, and creating collaborative community theatre in school buses, ruined mills, malls, and the inner city alleyways of south-western Ontario. She has performed and created dance in such venues as the Toronto Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists and the Festival of Interactive Physics (Toronto) and with the Friends of the Floor as part of CAFKA, (Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area), and the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival.

Tanya has performed with The MT Space, and Flush Ink Productions. She is also in collaboration with James Gordon, Andrew Houston, and an inspiring group of people from the community, on the integrated arts project WARMER that explores our responses to climate change.

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